With Facebook’s custom audience feature, you are able to serve ads to specific individuals if you have either their email address, Facebook ID or mobile number.

If Facebook can match a user on the above, you can market directly to them.

For B2C this is obviously the way to go. Most Facebook users use their ‘personal’ e-mail for Facebook.

But is it worthwhile for B2B?

Whether or not you think B2B marketing will work on Facebook, it is useful to know the scope of your likely audience. That is, those people you can serve ads to because the contact details you have for them match those that Facebook have.

So, how many people actually use their business e-mail on Facebook?

Generally speaking a list of business domain e-mails will not get a very good match rate.

As an example, one of our 4 Insurance Broker prospect lists came in @ 19%.


Still, that’s 80 prospects we could reach via Facebook, not counting those who we can direct to our website via e-mail, and then reach on Facebook with remarketing techniques.

I ran the same test for 5000 personal business e-mails from one of our client’s campaigns. The results here were even worse – 12%, or 600 prospects.


Finally I ran a 3rd test which only came in at 10%.

So. My prediction would be that somewhere between 10 and 20% of people use their business e-mail for Facebook.

Of course the best thing for you to do, is just run a test yourself.

Fortunately it is rather easy to check how many of your contacts use their business e-mail.

Simply load your list in csv format containing e-mail addresses only, into the custom audience feature on Facebook.

Also it would be really great to get a bigger picture on this, so when you get your results do come back and comment below.

Thank You.

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