Current Equity Partners

In addition to providing Marketing & Operational support services to growing businesses in return for a professional fee, we also provide extended services and funding for equity partners.

Please find below those business partnerships we can currently disclose.

Less Tax 4 Landlords

The Key 2 Growth are a founding partner and corporate shareholder of Less Tax 4 Landlords (LT4L).

LT4L is having a massive impact in it’s sector; making a huge difference to portfolio landlords by helping them fulfil the government’s stated policy to professionalise the industry.

The growing LT4L client community are better placed in turn to provide a greater positive impact to their own clients, tennants and stake holders.

Our role in the business has been (though not limited to) providing marketing, sales and management services to assist in getting started, the initial recruitment, housing and training of team members required to take the business to the next level, and implementing the required business processess to support growth.

We also provide and mange the provision of business consultancy to landlords as part of the LT4L service offering.

Key Responsibilities of our directors in the business:

Malcolm is also a director of LT4L and currently oversees Sales & Operations.

Ben is Head of Marketing for the business.

LT4L is preparing for the next stage of growth with additional services in the processs of coming online, and please check back soon for more information.

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