Why ‘Making Success Inevitable’

The Key 2 Growth is more than just the name of our company.

The Key 2 Growth is a belief, an ethos and a way of approaching business. It is a philosophy that dramatically improves the chances of getting what you want.

So what  is ‘The Key 2 Growth’?

It is about being focused on the ‘end goal’ and having a methodology to help you get there.

We call our method the DPA MAP.

We have a firm belief that success has a structure, and not surprisingly we use this internally to ‘plan’, and also review, when success has yet to be achieved.

As a result of this, we are proud to be able to use the strap line  ‘Making Success Inevitable’.

The DPA MAP comprises of the first initial of the six steps to success:


Having clarity of direction (purpose and vision)
Creating clear steps on the way (goals and objectives)
Being honest about your starting position (mindset, skills, limiting beliefs)

P repare
Possible options
Personal Development
Make Decisions

A ct
Taking sustained action

And then…..
M easure, A djust, P ersist


If you want to know more please email us at info@thekey2growth.co.uk or call Malcolm, Ben and the team on 01293 880 180

Thank You.