Business Growth Services for the Insurance Industry

The Key 2 Growth has its roots in the Insurance and IT sectors, having provided varied services to insurance firms from growth consultancy to operational support since 2005.

As a business in the industry we are perhaps best known amongst the top 100 independent Insurance Brokers for generating lucrative opportunites through the development of the highly effective (and exclusive to TK2G and our partners) Insurance Pipeline Management process we marketed as The Insurance Accelerator Product (IAP).

Having worked exclusively with insurance brokers for many years, we’re pleased to say that nearly all of our ‘skin in the game’ partnerships have reached a successful conclusion with acquistion, and whilst we do continue to provide marketing and support services to a number of companies in the insurance sector, since 2015 we are no longer actively promoting our Insurance Accelerator Product (IAP) as a fully integrated partnership offering.

We are now applying our experience across the wider financial and professional services sectors and of course remain open to working in partnership or consultation with truly innovative and high impact firms and start-ups in the insurance industry, and please do contact us if you believe there could be a benefit in a working partnership.

Meanwhile, you may find the below Insurance Broker Growth Reports + Content from our archives of interest.

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