The Key 2 Quality Lead Generation

Generating more leads is no longer ‘a numbers game’.

Historically, lead generators might have been asked to have done little pre-qualification other than to check the prospect was still in business. Providing the Broker with a renewal date and setting an appointment at a reasonable time were deemed to be all that was needed.

Times have changed.

Firstly business owners are frankly fed up of a ‘can you tell me your renewal date please’ approach. Why should they? What’s in it for them?

So there needs to be a compelling reason for the business owner to provide this information to a potential new broker.

This means that you need to have something to offer them, and as a ‘one size fits all’ is unlikely, you need to really ‘tighten up’ on what is an acceptable lead. The lead generation process then needs to pre-qualify to a far greater level of detail than was historically necessary.

Vertical sectors, financial position, insurance buying habits, the Prospects’s attitude to their existing arrangements, plus much more, may all be entirely relevant to you.

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