Organic Growth – A Route to Excellent ROI

The drive to on-line quotes and ‘one size fits all’ will, arguably, over time, take a greater hold on another chunk of the ‘S’ in SME. Predicting the future is often like gazing into a crystal ball, nevertheless, there is plenty of opportunity to secure organic growth at the higher end of Small and Medium sized companies.

With the Insurance Accelerator Product, assuming even relatively poor conversion rates (it will take a bit of time to nurture the prospect base and to differentiate yourself from all of your competitors) there is a strong business case for targeted organic growth.

For the right partners, we are happy to offer a shared risk/reward commercial arrangement which reduces the up-front investment – so confident are we that more sales will be secured by following a coherent marketing led nurturing campaign.

Of course, the more we share in the ‘investment’ the greater percentage we would look to secure of the returns!

As no two organisations are the same, the best approach will always need discussing and we remain very flexible and entirely focused on securing you a successful ROI. This will ensure our commercial success too.

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