Why don’t more prospects just knock on your door?

Our findings are that many businesses have no idea how to compare insurance brokers – in their view brokers all seem to do the same thing – they have an existing relationship that works, so why entertain change?

This indifference drives inaction, and with all brokers saying very similar things, who can blame them?

[And it doesn’t always stop at indifference: – See ‘Insurance Telemarketing is Dead, Long Live Insurance Telemarketing‘]

There is not a better way that I could think of to illustrate this point than to look at what brokers are actually saying.

Google “local insurance broker” and two of the first three listings are for the BIBA website[1].

I went ahead and entered my postcode on the BIBA search tool and pulled up the websites of a number of local brokers – ignoring the fact that most people would usually not look past those with the better looking websites – I read what they all had to say.

It has been said that in a soft market all brokers sell on price, and in a hard market all brokers sell on service. The extended length of the soft market perhaps explains the dual approach I found.

Here are some samples from 9 commercial insurance brokers within 20 miles of my home:

–          “we will help you to get the right cover at the right price”

–          “we pride ourselves on providing a good level of service to our clients coupled with the best priced products with competitive terms”

–          “Getting you the right cover at the best price is our priority”

–          “[The broker] works closely with its clients to understand their specific needs and tailor an insurance program to fit those needs at a competitive price”

–          “We strive to provide a personal service”

–          “The emphasis is firmly placed on a personal approach in our service to you”

–          “We are committed to providing the highest possible service levels”

–          “whether you are a large company or an individual, you deserve the highest levels of service, professional advice and access to excellent insurance products”

–          “We fit insurance to your business rather than trying to fit your business to an insurance product.”

–          “We specialise in providing innovative and tailored programs for the complete range of commercial insurances”

–          “Our staff focus on unique customer interests and work to provide the best quote to meet your needs.”

–          “Our friendly staff work on your terms to build up relationships”

–          “Our business provides a friendly and efficient service delivering premium value to all of our clients.”

–          “We use a comprehensive network of major insurers to find the best quote to suit your requirements”

–          “We are well placed to offer a highly personal service on your behalf right at the heart of the corporate insurance market.”

It’s not to say that any of the above is not true, or important, it’s just that they are so similar! No wonder business owners have problems!

They may be asking; what is really unique about this company? what is in it for me? why should I call them?

To the prospect, arguably none of these companies really have a unique USP, or a strong communicable difference to their local competitors; – At least not demonstrated by the quotes I have selected above!

You may rightly say that “Actions speak louder than words.”

To demonstrate our service we sometimes feel the need to rely on the personal qualities of our people and the business processes in place – This is clearly a catch 22 – If only they would meet with us – we’d show them how friendly and reliable we are and back up our words!

The problem of course is obvious.

The chances of them meeting with us are seriously hindered by the fact we don’t have anything different to say!


So what happens if we try to pinpoint this difference for the prospect, to make it easy for them to understand?

In describing their difference to other brokers, only 2 of my 9 had something to say:

–          “As an Independent Insurance Intermediary, we stand out from the crowd”

–          “Our difference – makes all the difference” is what separates us from other insurance advisers.”

What difference, if any, do you think these comments really demonstrate?


Having people you trust and like is a great reason to do business, indeed, it’s often the only reason to do business! But if each of your competitors is saying the same thing, and each of your competitors is using the same marketing channels as you, getting a prospect to approach you, or take your call, is starting to look a little like random luck. It’s like picking a name out of a hat, which we know for a fact some companies actually do! (cue great marketing idea here for the creative broker!)

Clearly we think a good price, service, and correct cover is what buyers want – but why do they want it? Is this all they want? And how can they be certain that we can give this to them?

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While carrying out the above exercise I did come across 3 comments which I felt did have some more promise.

These were:

  1. “We specialise in general insurance products and we are not a call centre!”
  2.  “We give each of our clients a dedicated point of contact who is supported by their colleagues in the commercial team.”
  3. “We’re used to removing the jargon to make sure you get cover that’s right for you – and that you understand”

I’ve analysed them in a little more detail in my next post

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[1] As of 23/10/2013