One of the Key points to take from our findings is the true value of targeted nurturing and how it can increase the volume of quality leads, the end result being quality new and retainable business.

Please click here to view our 2011 report in PDF format – The value of nurturing

Since the report we have made a great many improvements to our ideas behind nurturing and the supporting technology. We have developed a four quadrant Insurance Buyer Profiling system to help with tailoring your approach to individual prospects. (please email for more info)

Of course this is not to say that nurturing on its own is the full solution. Certainly a full pipeline management process and structure is required in order to deliver and measure the results of the specific campaigns, and to successfully reap the full benefits of effective multi-media nurturing.

We review in more detail why structured nurturing is the Key 2 Growth in our article on Effective Pipeline Management.