If you’re a heavy tweeter you need to check out the slide share below (or read on)…

Now I must admit, other than my social experiment (blog to follow soon), I don’t really use Twitter.

Usually because as a tool it has not proven to offer my clients the worthwhile ROI for their business that other sites, such as Linked IN, do.

Still, I came across this on Slideshare from Gary Vaynerchuk. And I tell you that although I think I knew this, (I’m not 100% certain that I did – don’t ask!); I can see why so many of us make this error all the time.

It really is a simple thing:

Starting your tweet with a users handle (eg. @thisismyname), means your tweet is only displayed to your followers who ALSO follow @thisismyname . The cure? Don’t start with the @ symbol. Start with”.@” or “That genius @” .


Oh and one last thing:

For the record my social experiment is going rather well (I think); 200 followers in less than a week. OK OK so followers doesn’t equal £££, but in this experiment of mine; more followers = a ballooning EGO.