The Key 2 Maximising Sales

Getting quality leads is one thing, converting the opportunity to a sale is quite another.

This page first appeared on our .com site back in 2011 when we were regularly hearing from Brokers that the conversion rates being secured from ‘cold’ data as little as 2-3 years ago (5-6 now), were just no longer being achieved.

A number of factors were felt to be causing this, including:

The Incumbent Broker ‘blocking the market’
The Prospect ‘going to the market’ just to price match and ‘keep their broker honest’
The Prospect not engaging with the real ‘value’ that a broker provides, and as a result;
The Prospect happily settling for the best price at the expense of the right level of cover

The truth, we have learnt; is that without building a stronger relationship with the prospect, your time and care in arranging a more appropriate deal may well not secure you the business.

We considered these and additional factors in our 2011 article – ‘Three Reasons Why Your Prospects Don’t Buy (And What to do About It!)’.

We said that a “properly managed nurturing campaign can be used to build credibility, brand awareness, and to give value. In doing this, by the time the prospect starts to look at their insurance needs, they are already thinking of you as ‘their’ broker of choice.”

Of course, their existing relationship may remain a strong one, but at the very least they will find it as hard to say no to you, as they will to the incumbent.

Lastly we cautioned “It takes time, so don’t expect success in the first week!!!”.

This has also proven to be the case, with substantial business taking 3 years or longer to be picked up.

Today we are hoping to help shorten the sales cycle with ever improving content and sales pipeline management.

Though sometimes you just have to wait…

What do you think? Is Nurturing the key 2 maximising sales? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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