About our Growth Product

Please note that since 2015 we no longer promote the IAP as a fully outsourced shared risk/reward partnership offering. As a business we are open and well-positioned, given appropriate circumstances, to working in ‘skin in the game’ partnership or consultation with truly innovative and high impact firms and start-ups in the insurance industry, and please do contact us if you believe there could be a benefit in a working partnership.

This post remains as a useful resource for Insurance Brokers. 


At The Key 2 Growth, we have built a range of services that centre around our Insurance Accelerator Product (IAP).

The IAP was created to meet the challenge ‘head on’ of our Partner Broker needing to be heard over the multitude of other brokers effectively pitching for new business with a very similar message.

Have you ever been told that you are the 34th Broker to call asking for the same information?

It happens!

The IAP is the collective name we give to a number of hands-on services that we provide to give our Clients exactly what they want in terms of the support required for the New Business acquisition process.

It ranges from an appointment setting service to a full pipeline management and shared sales accountability service and is designed for Insurance Brokers who are looking to secure sustainable organic growth, primarily in the SME sector and typically where average premiums are in excess of £10,000.

The IAP takes into account the changing landscape, the fact that relationships need to be built and nurtured and that businesses today are not only very busy and price sensitive but that they have scores of calls from Brokers every year asking the same questions.

We approach things differently.

We do not always start talking insurance although we do talk about the very thing the business should be really interested in, namely protecting their business and managing their risks effectively: including risk transfer.

Creating organic growth as an Insurance Broker can be a challenge.

If you are looking to grow, then The Key 2 Growth can help you find, and deliver the solution


More Leads, Better Qualified

Generating more leads isn’t just “a numbers game”. A strong brand awareness is essential. Qualifying your leads accurately to avoid wasting time requires a systematised lead generation process like the Insurance Accellerator…

  • Vertical sectors
  • Financial position
  • Insurance buying habits

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Maximise Conversions

Time after time we hear from brokers that they are getting appointments, but having trouble closing the business.  The Key 2 Growth reviews the factors affecting sales and reveals the key 2 maximising new business conversions…

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Don’t take all the risk

Sustainable organic growth can take time and investment.  The Key 2 Growth offer a shared risk reward business model, reducing our partner’s initial financial outlay in exchange for a greater share of the partnership’s success…

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Competitive Advantage

Giving you the edge

Two brokers were walking in The Rockies.  They noticed an adorable bear cub and moved closer to take some pictures.  It wasn’t until too late that they picked up on a rustling sound as the mother bear came charging out ot the woods towards them.  As they started running for their lives, one of the brokers stopped to change from walking boots to trainers.  Meanwhile the second broker looks back and shouts: “Are you crazy? You’re not going to outrun the bear!” The first broker replies: “I don’t have to.  I just need to outrun you!”…

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Business for the long term

Many Brokers claim a 90-95% retention rate; but is your new business retention as high?  The Key 2 retention is to avoid those that move on price alone.  This is a challenge in a world where buying on value has almost been forgotten…

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